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Visiting Baton Rouge

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Okay, so now you are here in Baton Rouge, and you don’t know what to do first.  Well how bout visit Baton Rouge website for tourist, is a start.

You are able to locate hotels, restaurants, current events, and a lot of information about our history.




Downtown Baton Rouge Is So Beautiful, “Com On Down”




Let Us Entertain You With “LIVE AFTER 5”  Live Free Concert For All.


live after 5




For more events and what to do in Baton Rouge, visit:


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What About Gonzales, Louisiana?

city of gonzales


The city of Gonzales, it definitely has a lot to offer.  As many may know Louisiana is known for it’s gas, oil, refineries and manufactures.  Well a lot of those refineries and manufactures are in or minutes away from Gonzales.  Gonzales has a lot to offer and brings in a large number of people to town on any given day with all the exciting things happen in and around Gonzales and at the Lamar Dixon Expo Center.

In the transportation industry we hear a lot of what our visitors had to say.  We have heard about the best hotels to stay at, the best restaurants to eat at, and of course no one can beat the shopping experience in Gonzales.


Airport Transportation To Gonzales

           Transportation From New Orleans Airport  or Baton Rouge Airport

          LA Corporate & Executive Transportation – {225} 308-4551

We service quite a few hotels in Gonzales.  In fact you can actually call the hotel that you are visiting and ask them how to get to their hotel from the airport, and let them recommend someone.  If the hotels recommend someone, that is perfect.  You will probably get the best transportation company or taxi available.  Since hotels likes good ratings they will always recommend the best to make sure that you are happy.  Remember where ever you are traveling to, you can always ask your hotel for recommendations.  If the person say don’t have none, maybe try again in the morning.  The morning shifts always knows more and have more information, since every thing exciting always happens during the day shift.

Gonzales is not really big on transportation.  Mostly every one that visit has arranged transportation either through us, family members, drove themselves, or other resources.  This is not the city that you can just catch the city bus or street car and go where ever you like.  Better plan ahead, because there are literally no taxis in Gonzales or other means of public transportation.  We come from  Baton Rouge everyday to transport people back and forth to New Orleans and Baton Rouge Airport.


Gonzales Awesome Hotel Staff

Where Am I Going To Stay?   “With Them Up There, Lol!”          

Well there are quite a few really nice hotels to stay at in Gonzales.  Here’s a couple of wonderful front desk staff that will be willing to assist you when you arrive.  These are really nice hotels and enjoyable to stay in.  Some have free morning breakfast, to get your day started.  Give them a call!

Clarion Hotel & Suites   – Ph: {225} 647-8000

Spring Hill Suites Gonzales   – Ph:  {225} 621-3000

Townplace Suites – Ph: {225} 450-3400

Holiday Inn Express – Ph: {225] 743-8000

Hampton Inn Hotel – {225} 450-6999

There are other hotels in the area, but these are the ones we transport to and from frequently and are highly recommended by the clients we transport.  In fact a lot of client we transport to and from these hotels are actually there for business and usually visit quarterly or annually.  They pretty much stay at the same hotel all the time.  They are really good and the staff is awesome, very pleasant, and they definitely will go out of their way to assist you with what ever they can, just pure awesome!


What A Shopping Experience 

A Shopping Paradise In Gonzales  

The city of Gonzales is a shopping paradise for everyone.  For the men –  Cabela’s the sportsman paradise.  For the women and children  – Tanger Outlet Mall, the mall that everyone in the family, gets what they want.  You will definitely want to experience both of these, it is a must see!  I just name these two, after shopping at these stores, there shouldn’t be anything else you need, oh and Wal-Mart is down the road!  See I got you covered!  Of  course there are other stores in Gonzales but these are the two that people travels miles to visit.



Where is the fun at?  “LAMAR DIXON”

For all types of shows, festivals, check out the Lamar Dixon Expo Center.  You have so many festivals and shows to choose from every year.  Hot Air Balloons, Blues & Barbecue, Hot Rod Power Tour, LA Sportsman’s Show, Outdoors Bass Classic, Crawfish Festival, Jambalaya Festival, LSU State Live-Stock, Classic Arms Gun & Knife Show, LSU AG Center State Horse Show, Swamp Pop Music Festival, Cajun Country Jam, Extreme Mustang Makeover.  That is just to name a few for events for 2016.  Please visit the Lamar Dixon Website for events.


Gonzales Food “AWESOME”

Enough Already, I am hungry!    

Ok, so are we ready to eat some good ole’ cajun food, like gumbo, shrimp creole, boil crawfish, fried fish, seafood pasta, etc. Well how bout we visit a couple of great restaurants with excellent food here in Gonzales, LA.  Mike Anderson ,    The Cabin Restaurant,   Don Seafood ,   Sno’s Seafood & Steak .  As you know there are plenty of restaurants in Gonzales, but these are listed as the top 4.  You can visit for more restaurants options or tripadvisor.


There are so many fun and exciting things to do in Gonzales, so just do it!  Enjoy yourself!



From (MSY) New Orleans Airport To Baton Rouge Area

Transportation From New Orleans Airport To Baton Rouge, LA?

How hard is it to get transportation to and from New Orleans Airport to Baton Rouge?

Well most people would say not very hard if you have your own vehicle or a rental vehicle.  But what if you don’t, or you really don’t want to drive, or deal with our heavy traffic.  Well the first advice I would like to offer is to make sure you plan your trip out very well, including the transportation.  Make sure you map out how to get to Baton Rouge from the New Orleans Airport.  Flying in to New Orleans Airport and traveling to Baton Rouge isn’t always easy.  There are thousands of Taxis in New Orleans and as well as Uber but not all will be willing to take that 1 hour and 15-45 minute drive, especially during heavy traffic time.  Please don’t leave it to chance or uncertainty that you will find transportation quick and easy, because it is not always that easy and never quick.

Now what is the best way to get to Baton Rouge from New Orleans Airport?

I would probably recommend a car service, because of the “flat rate”.  The I-10 to Baton Rouge sometimes have very bad accidents that will require some delays even hours of shut down due to severity of the accidents.  I promise you, you do not want to be in a Taxi or Uber when that happen.  The Taxi calculates time and minutes with the meter, and Uber calculates per minute and mile “unknown” until ride is completed.  So your rate can increase with heavy traffic delays and detours.  Know your rate when you are traveling for over an hour.  Find a company or a taxi that provides a flat rate to Baton Rouge.  Car services are great for these type of trips and they are not as expensive as one might think, actually very affordable depending on your budget. In fact it might be a little more than a Taxi but it is well worth it.  The car will be clean and up to date, professional driver, dependable and will usually be at the airport when you get off the plane.  That in itself should be worth it.  They monitor your flight schedule, and very pleasant to work with.

LA Corporate & Executive Transportation is a really good company for airport transportation to and from New Orleans Airport as well as Baton Rouge Airport.  They have the most 5-star rating for Baton Rouge on YELP.COM under transportation and airport shuttle.  Also very popular on VISITBATONROUGE.COM as well.  They also travel to surrounding areas beside Baton Rouge, like Gonzales, Baker, Port Allen, Lafayette, Hammond, Lake Charles, etc..

LA Corporate & Executive Transportation provide excellent rates, no shared rides with unknown people, just you or your group allowed in the vehicle for your protection.  With the exception for LSU stadium events like the “Bayou Country Fest” or “LSU Football Games” they provide shared rides from local hotels to the stadium. They provide safe, dependable transportation for late night arrivals and early morning flights.  Perfect transportation for women travelers and young people, very safe and reliable.  They offer a flat rate and you can receive a quote online.  There are plenty of photos of clients who love their services and vehicles, to back up the 5-star reviews on Yelp and the popularity on Visit Baton

They have a few really good transportation companies in Baton Rouge that would travel to New Orleans for pick ups, just visit anyone of the sites above, like or  Make sure you select Baton Rouge area or location, because many of the transportation companies in New Orleans;  only service the New Orleans area since they have a huge demand from tourist and new comers trying to get to the French Quarters.

Again I can’t stress enough, please call someone and make reservations to pick you up from the Airport.  Don’t just take your chances, my biggest concern is for women and young people, please take the time and do your research, don’t end up in a vehicle with anyone for over an hour drive.  Do what you can to make sure you have a safe and pleasurable ride since it will be over an hour and you would want your money to be well spent, because at the end of the day, your safety is what counts.

How much is this ride from New Orleans Airport going to cost me?

If you take an airport shuttle, it would probably be cheaper because you are sharing a ride with others, kinda like taking the city bus, with several stops.  If you decide on private car transportation, which is the best,and I highly recommend it.  Private car transportation allows only you and your group to be in the vehicle.  No shared rides, no unknown people no hundred stops to drop everyone off, but it is much more costly then the shared ride transportation.  You can expect a private vehicle whether it is a Taxi, Uber, or a Car Service to be well over $100.00 mark depending on where you are going in Baton Rouge.

To provide an estimated rate, less say from New Orleans Airport to LSU Tiger Stadium, about 1 hour / 30 min drive (without traffic): These are only estimates just to give you an ideal, it could be less or more.

Taxi – $145 – $200.00 (Meter – Unknown Rate)

Uber – $90 – $140.00 (Calculates Minutes & Mile – Unknown Rate)

LA Corporate  – $110.00 – $160.00 (Flat Rate – Know Rate)

Car Service – $130 – $300.00 (Flat Rate – Know Rate) – Standard to luxury vehicles.


I would recommend calling this company for many of reasons.  

LA Corporate & Executive Transportation  has the highest number of 5-star rating for Baton Rouge on YELP.COM for airport shuttles and transportation in Baton Rouge area.

  1. Very professional and reliable, nice clean vehicles, and very affordable just a little more than a taxi or could be cheaper than a taxi depending on where you are going.
  2. Perfect transportation for late night arrivals and early morning flights, especially for women and young travelers.
  3. Will take you from New Orleans Airport to your home, hotel, or business meeting.
  4. Provide round-trip or one-way, and monthly specials and discounts from time to time.
  5. They work really well with hotels, and certain hotels have discounted rates and specials for airport transportation.
  6. Pictures are worth a 1000 words, check the photo gallery on the their website.
  7. Know Your Rate Before You Ride!  Flat Rate is the best route to take in the event of heavy traffic delays or detours, no guessing on price.

The final word, please make sure you do your research to have transportation to and from the airport.  Make reservations with a company, whether its in Baton Rouge or New Orleans, know what to expect for that long hour drive.  You would definitely want your money well spent.  Many people travel quite often, especially women and the horror stories that I have heard from women travelers are not good.  Some women won’t even take a taxi any more because of bad experiences.  No way am I stating that taxis are bad, I am saying if you are going to take a taxi do your research, and plan well.  Transportation is the key to having a really good trip.  When transportation goes wrong, it seems like everything else too.

So good luck, plan well, enjoy the transportation ride and the great food you will soon enjoy once you get here to Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Look for my blogs on great restaurants,  hotels, and great places to visit while enjoying us here in Baton Rouge and in Gonzales, LA.